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HighAIMS GeoGebra Wiki

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Thanks for a GREAT GeoGebra Workshop!


Be looking for information on the following:


(1) A late-Fall 2010, 1-day follow-up workshop,


(2) An Advanced User 3-day workshop in July 2011,


(3) A Regional GeoGebra Conference sponsored by Miami University and the GiOhio will be held on 9, 10 June 2011 on the Miami University main campus. The conference focus will be on Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Geometry,


(4) Our 3rd HighAIMS GeoGebra week-long workshop in August 2011 (please tell your colleagues!)





Workshop Evaluation


Go visit the old Wallwisher!



Links to Workshop Pages

GeoGebra Movie Tutorials

2010 Participant List

2009 Participant List

Workshop Screencasts and Files






Useful GeoGebra Links

The GeoGebra

Institute of Ohio


GeoGebra Wiki


User Forum


2008 Technology Class

The Brookstone School

 GeoGebra Workshop


GeoGebra Tutorials

Upcoming GeoGebra


More Step-by-Step



First Annual North American

GeoGebra Conference















Where to go for GeoGebra Help!

Online Introduction to GeoGebra GeoGebra Help GeoGebra Wiki User's Guide Quality Guidelines for Mathlets and Dynamic Worksheets GeoGebra Release Notes



Learn how to use PBWorks!

PBWorks User Manual Watch a Video to help you get started Enroll in a PBWorks Webinar



Start on the path to becoming a certified GeoGebra User, Expert, or 

Trainer. Learn about GeoGebra Certification!




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